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FREE Delivery!

We offer free delivery in the Dayton and Columbus areas on ANY item!  Simply call 937-232-1599 to schedule a time.  

Free delivery is offered to Middletown and Cincinnati for items over $50.

For other areas in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky or West Virginia we can work with you for low cost delivery.  We use UPS and USPS for all other states. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Antique Appraisals

We would be honored to offer you appraisals on areas of antiques and collectibles where we have expertise.  If we don't feel confident that we can appraise your items accurately we will point you in other directions.  Some important and crucial aspects of our appraisal business.


 1.We will NOT make offers on items that we are appraising and no appraiser worth their salt should do so.  Our appraisals are informed and non biased.  


 2.We will NOT offer internet appraisals.  We do on site appraisals only.  To be accurate and fair we need to see, touch, feel and even smell items to determine their true value.  


 3. While there is no licensing required for appraising in Ohio, there are appraisers who have become accredited.  While we have confidence in our method, experience and knowledge we are NOT accredited and make no claims to be.  We are working on our accredition but it is a long process.  Because we are not accredited our pricing structure is less than an accredited appraisal.  

If you are interested in  our appraising services please contact Mark at 937-232-1599


Antique Picking

If you own a shop, sell online, have a booth at an antique mall or maybe just starting to build inventory for a business, we can be your eyes and ears as we travel the country picking antiques.  We are more than happy to partner with you to find the items that you need, have requests for or would like to have in your shop.  We will discuss the items that you are looking for, talk about your budget and do our best to fit it into a specified time frame if that is an issue.  We will contact you from the road, send photos and give you details on the condition and approximate value.  Save your gas.  Save your time.  Let us do the grunt work.  Besides...that's antique picking is our FAVORITE part of the business. 

Please use our contact form to obtain more information.

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please call us at (937) 232-1599 with any questions

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We have recently acquired new furniture, pottery and some other specialty items. Check out our catalog for the new cool additions!

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